DunlapDumanFamilyTree 8.16.2014
Dunlap, Martin, Bushong, Shank, Duman, Phalen, Scholl, Lang

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We began our project of doing a family tree from the combined families of Dunlap, Martin, Bushong, and Shank along with Duman, Phalen, Scholl and Lang, just to name a few of our many ancestors. Soon we saw how broad and yet connected our ancestors really were throughout the many generations.

Of course, our family tree of ancestors and relatives, contains information from so many wonderful sources, including other family trees and distant relatives too. Naturally, just like families, nothing is ever complete or perfect, so if you have any additions, or corrections, please let us know.

This information is provided for the private use of an individual researching one of the many family lines noted on our family tree. Use by any commercial unity is prohibited.

The accuracy of the information is not certified and is subject to change and correcton as appropriate.ยบ

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Corrections or additions for anyone listed on this genealogy website, are truly welcome. It is our intent to protect the privacy of those living, therefore data for those living will not be listed on this site.